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A call girl or escort is a sex worker who (unlike a street walker) is not visible to the general public. Nor does she usually belong to an institution like a brothel. One must summon her, usually by calling a telephone number - hence the term "call girl". Often, call girls advertise their services in small ads in magazines and through the internet, although an intermediary advertiser such as an escort agency may be involved in promoting higher class escorts. The lower-class side of escorts may be handled by a pimp or a pander.

Call girls can work either incall, where the client comes to them, or outcall, where they come to the client.

Male celebrities and rich men commonly hire call girls for sex to avoid the problem of unreasonable infatuation, where their partner is unreasonably attracted to them (and won't let go of the relationship or accept refusal) because of their status. It also avoids the problem of "kiss and tell" stories, where the girl would sell the story to the press. Both parties understand their respective positions and do not go beyond them. Some of these men are even open about what their date is to those they're partying with, though call girls request they not be. These "dates" can include flying by private jet to Las Vegas, staying in a luxury hotel suite, dining at the finest restaurants, dancing at the hottest nightclubs, and gambling at the casinos. Usually, the man will first hire the woman for a short date to determine if he wants to do longer ones (such as the one just mentioned) with her. Here again, the woman's appearance, intelligence, manners, sociability and education come into consideration.

Most call girl agencies and independent call girls are now online, and the Internet has become the main venue for a customer to find his match. Generally, the picture of the girl is provided, and sometimes, the type of sexual services she is willing to offer. Some agencies also propose for a high fee people of special interest, such as twins, former porn stars, B-List models, prodommes or even submissives.

The Internet includes many directories or listings of call girls or escorts. These may covers a specific area or a wider region (even worldwide). Usually the call girl or the agency is responsible for submitting their information to the appropriate directory.

The Internet is also used by punters/hobbyists to provide evaluation of the call girls they have met and rate them, on their aesthetics, behavior or sexual performances. For the readers of evaluation web sites the rating of the call girls is often a determining factor in their selection.

This has led some customers to blackmail call girls by threatening of a bad rating in order to obtain more sexual services or a discount on the rate. Some call girls also cheat by logging stellar evaluations of themselves on these sites, although most of the sites try to identify and filter these "fake reviews".

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Escort agencies are companies that operate a booking and dispatch service that temporarily provides customers with a companion at the customer's house or hotel room. Some agencies also provide escorts for longer durations, who may stay with the client or travel along on a holiday or business trip. The escort agency is paid a fee for this service and generally the fee only includes the presence of the companion with the person who engaged the escort.

Escort agencies often recruit individuals to work as escorts by placing employment advertisements in a magazine or newspaper. Escort agencies typically maintain a list of escorts of different ages and appearances to cater to the varying interests of clients. Some agencies may specifically deal in a certain type of escort. There are male-for-male, female-for-male, and female-for-female escort agencies, as well as a few male-for-female agencies. Agencies commonly specialise in only one sex. Transsexuals are available from some escort agencies.

Escort agencies typically advertise in regional publications and telephone listings such as the Yellow Pages. Some larger escort agencies maintain websites with photo galleries of their escorts. Clients contact agencies by telephone and offer a description of what kind of escorts are sought. The agency will then suggest an escort who might fit that client's need.

The agency collects the client's contact information and calls the escort. Usually, to protect the identity of the escort and ensure effective communication with the client, the agency arranges the appointment. Sometimes it may be up to the escort to contact the client directly to make arrangements for location and time of an appointment. Generally the escort is also expected to call the agency upon arrival at the location and upon leaving, which improves the safety of the escort.

The arm's length relationship between the escort and the escort agency is designed to protect the escort agency (to some degree) from prosecution for breaking laws against prostitution. If the employee is solely responsible for arranging any illegal prostitution-oriented activities, the agency can maintain plausible deniability should an arrest be made.

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